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Addictive Audio is Passionate about car audio. Many manufacturers see their products as items or boxes that have a certain percent of return. We see them as woofers, amplifiers, speakers, etc. that once people get to experience them, they too will become passionate. Take a real close look at our products and you will see the fine details and features that are often overlooked due to cost, mass production, or simply a lack of passion. We under-rate our products power capabilities to outperform your expectations. We engineer our amplifiers to match our speaker and woofer power ratings making it easy to match products with one another.  We constantly search for the best components for all of our products and keep an eye out for better components as technology advances. If there is a way to make it better, it is our duty to research and develop better products year after year.  When a new product is in the engineering stage we often give prototypes to our retailers throughout the USA and abroad to test in the environment for which they were designed, the vehicle. It is imperative to take the necessary time and steps in the development stages and properly test each and every product against a wide range of audiophile’s ears to receive a wide variety of constructive feedback and we enjoy doing this.

At this point you may be asking, “Why after this many years have I not heard of Addictive Audio until now?”

A simple question yet a complex answer. When a manufacturer decides to sell their products through big box stores, distributors (both online and offline), internet retailers and everywhere else, the company tends to care less about the product and more about numbers. When it becomes all about the numbers they have to advertise in newspapers, forums, online, offline and anywhere you can put the logo in front of a consumer (you). The brand then becomes recognized worldwide and sells the “numbers” necessary to sustain business. However, over time the products deteriorate into nothing that resembles the original all the while the brand is being “watered down” and the experience the consumer (you) have when shopping for the product is probably less than satisfactory. The product is sitting on a shelf or pictured online and the big box store employee or website can only tell you what the paper says about the product. We could go on more about this, but we will cut to the chase. Addictive Audio has taken a completely different approach. An approach that is simple in nature and relies on respect for every product manufactured and everyone involved. Build great products that sell themselves and then team up with those who are already knowledgeable in that particular field. Work together and provide whatever support necessary in order for everyone to be successful. That said, Addictive Audio is ONLY sold through specialty retailers with a showroom and installation facility. Some refer to these as “mom n’ pop” or “brick & mortar” businesses. This is where you will find knowledgeable staff that can go beyond what the paper says. The reason you are probably reading this right now is you visited your local car audio retail establishment and they introduced you to our brand. You have taken the first and most important step in determining which system configuration will best suit you, your vehicle and your listening needs by starting with a knowledgeable retailer. They have chosen to carry Addictive Audio because of the passion, knowledge and desire to offer their customers (you) products that will perform beyond your expectations and live up to the quality they expect.  For 19 years we have experienced consistent growth and success by sticking to our methods and beliefs of how we conduct business.

If the above isn’t your story and you have stumbled upon our brand while surfing the web or have had a friend highly recommend our brand to you, we urge you when you finish reading this and looking throughout our site, to visit your local retailer and get HOOKED. There is a DEALER LOCATOR located on almost every page to better assist you.


Logo Origin:

Many ask how the AA logo came about. Was it just a random mishap or thievery of another company’s logo or what? Let’s set the record straight, it is our logo and it is completely original. We did not try and copy other logos and it was definitely not a mishap.  Since the letter “A” is the first letter of both words we wanted the logo to incorporate two “A” letters or an “A” shaped pattern.  The logo had to be symmetrical so it looked well balanced and even in nature. Lower case letters would not be acceptable as capital letters are dominant. The logo needed to stand for strength and what better shape to use than a triangle/pyramid. This shape is the strongest structure in the world and is used in many different types of architecture, including the great pyramids of Egypt which are still standing thousands of years later. With that said and many designs and a lot of market research later, the two triangles representing the letters AA came to be. Together they create a larger triangle pointing upwards as a symbol of growth.   This new logo was soon followed by the slogan most commonly used to describe early Addictive Audio products, “One Hit & You’re Hooked.” This slogan has stood strong and still represents every product we manufacture to this day.


Gift Boxes:

Upon your first introduction to Addictive Audio you may ask, “If these products are so good why don’t they come in colorful boxes or aluminum cases?” The answer lies within the question itself. This is why our products are so much better. We feel it is much more important to invest money into the product rather than the package. We found most everyone agrees that the gift boxes usually end up in in an attic, garage or dumpster anyways.

Everything in Life is ADDICTIVE; AUDIO is Just the Most Important.

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