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PureMat is not your typical constrained layer damping (CLD) material. With nothing to hide, all specifications have been listed for simple comparisons. It is easy to see PureMat is the best choice for complete structural damping, vibration isolation and sound reinforcement. With the addition of our proprietary Nano-Foam layer this truly makes PureMat a unique complete solution mat. PureMat is designed, engineered and Made in the USA specifically for the automotive environment to ensure the absolute best performance is achieved with our car audio products. However, PureMat can be used with all car audio equipment providing you with better sound and an extremely quiet cabin to better hear phone conversations , navigation units and more. 

Semi-Closed Nano-Foam Layer:

A 3MM layer of our proprietary semi-closed nano-foam to further eliminate cabin noises created between panels by other materials within the vehicle. The door panels, plastics and other materials resonate additional noise aside from the outer panels of the vehicle. The nano-foam absorbs these noises created in, around and between these materials and panels. 

The nano-foam layer also serves as a gasket when used for speaker panel mounting within a door or rear deck. Damping the metal that the speaker is mounted to along with increasing the structural integrity and creating a tight gasket seal will allow the speaker to perform at it's peak.  

Finally, the nano-foam layer has the ability to neutralize rear waves when installed on panels behind the mounted speaker. Rear waves being generated from the back of the cone reflect off of the metal surface behind the speaker and come back to the speaker cone negatively effecting the sound a performance of the speaker. A small piece of PureMat on the inner panel will not only dampen the metal panel via the butyl layer, but neutralize rear waves allowing the speaker to reproduce sound in it's purest form.


Aluminum Layer:

The 2.5MIL aluminum layer prevents deterioration and allows for proper thermal dissipation and strengthening of all panels for a more stable environment.

Butyl Layer:

The 65MIL pure butyl layer provides increased density to maximize the damping of panel vibrations without adding unnecessary thickness due to fillers. The purity of the adhesion layer allows the strongest bond to be made between the mat and the panel providing ultimate noise reduction. As the speed of a vehicle increases so does the noise being generated. Proper damping through increased adhesion and material density will considerably attenuate unwanted road noise, vibrations and rattles.

These combined layers allow for the acoustical energy of the sound system to remain in the vehicle maximizing the performance and sound reproduction of the entire sound system. You will also experience an extraordinarily quiet environment found only in luxury vehicles.

PureMat was created to ensure the Pure series speakers perform flawlessly. A four square foot sheet of PureMat will be included with every set of Pure series speakers to eliminate the negative effects on sound within the automobile environment, providing Pure sound reproduction and enjoyment.

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