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Founded in 1999, Addictive Audio strives to bring consumers high performance quality based audio products at an exceptional value. Addictive Audio is only sold and installed through Authorized Specialty Retailers with a physical location. This ensures that our products will be installed professionally to back the performance and quality we engineer into every product. This also guarantees that the proper introduction and follow through will be offered to each and every potential consumer of our products. Our goal is for you to seek the knowledge that our network of authorized specialty retailers can provide you with and develop a lasting relationship with our brand and our partners. We believe if you have an exceptional experience from start to finish and can drive away listening to your favorite tunes with a new appreciation for sound, we have successfully done our job.


Professional Car Audio Equipment Designed & Built with Passion.

Our World Class Products


Low frequency drivers add a rich bottom end to any sound system, big or small. Fulfil your specific need with a vast range of subwoofers from Solution Based to Reality Warping designs.


Audio signal amplification needed to power any size audio system. Offered in a variety of topologies with heat-sinks ranging from Ultra Compact to Robust Audiophile designs.

Component Speakers

Component speaker drivers are physically separated (tweeter, mid-bass drivers and matched crossovers) so they can be placed in optimal position. Discover if component speakers provide the sound you uniquely desire.

Co-Axial Speakers

Co-axial speakers consist of the mid-range and tweeter radiating from the same axis. This all-in one-design allows for use in a smaller area when multiple components are not an option. Discover if co-axial speakers provide the sound you uniquely desire.


High frequencies preferences are unique to every individual listener. With many tweeter diaphragm and performance options available you can enjoy what you enjoy.

Factory Replacement Woofers

Factory Replacement Woofers are engineered for exactly that, replacing old worn-out factory woofers while upgrading the quality, reliability and performance.


Pure audio enjoyment through Vibration Damping, Unwanted Noise Filtration and Rear Wave Neutralization all in one mat.


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