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Our flagship Pure Series line of component & co-axial speakers resulted from a challenge by West Coast Customs of Burbank, CA. The challenge was to create a speaker set that would impress the discerning ears of musicians.  This challenge combined with our passion and ambition to for high-end acoustics started the ball rolling. Our fundamental goal was to create a series of speakers that a musician could listen to in their vehicle and hear EVERYTHING within their tracks exactly as intended. After successfully completing the challenge and receiving rave reviews we chose to take it a step further and build these for everyone. This way one could enjoy music as if they were sitting right next to the musician. To hear the warmth in the vocals as if they were being sung to personally. To hear the breath escape the instrument as it creates musical notes. To hear everything that, up to this point, they never heard in their favorite songs. Thus taking the listener beyond only hearing music and into an experience of feeling. The Pure series speakers, with our proprietary COPPURE© cone, offer this desired high-fidelity experience and enjoyment.

The Mid-Bass: To achieve such realistic and accurate sound reproduction we start with our proprietary COPPURE© cone which combines glass fibers with pure copper micro dust. This very unique cone is a result of combined processes that include centrifugal separation, ionization and powerful resins. Our COPPURE© cone allows the excitement within the music to be brought out. Our proprietary INFINIFIBER© self-damping basket was created to cancel the resonances of the speaker that negatively affect the sound. The key is in the electron pack density. The INFINIFIBER© basket, when used on mid-bass and mid-range speakers, will allow the speaker to naturally “sound” better than baskets made of cast aluminum. Our motor assemblies are very unique in construction and design. Only anisotropic magnets are used and properly magnetized the highest saturation levels. It is a combination of ferrite, neodymium and copper shorting cap that allow for maximum performance and control. The combined COPPURE© speaker assembly attached to our INFINIFIBER© basket and the ingenuity of our motor assemblies provide the most accurate and powerful acoustics.

The Tweeter: The dome of the tweeters can reach up to 9G acceleration and it is imperative the diaphragm can maintain form and not distort. Materials, design and the assembly processes all are very important and embraced factors in the Pure tweeters. With the capabilities to reproduce such accurate sound leads to distinct listening preferences. The ability to modify the higher frequencies to your listening preference is key to the Pure Components.  There are two options in regards to tweeters when designing your component kit. The standard tweeter (PURE1S) comes in a high-density abs casing and is also the tweeter design included on the co-axial models. The premium tweeter (PURE1T) comes in a custom machined aluminum casing with a rear tuned chamber providing a wider frequency range and an overall richer sound. Both have a 25mm Pure Italian silk dome to provide a smooth and accurate high frequency range. 


The Crossover: The internal components are comprised of Double Layer MKP Metalized Polypropylene Foil Crossover capacitors (1% tolerance) to deliver low loss and offer superior power handling. The air core inductors are wound very tightly and bonded together to keep the DCR to a minimum. The air core ensures no saturation, hysteresis, or other magnetic distortions. The Pure Component crossovers use a PPTC circuit to provide longevity and tweeter protection. All Pure components can be purchased a la carte for those who prefer active tuning as opposed to passive crossovers.

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